5-Minute Smokey Eye Makeup

5-Minute Smokey Eye Makeup in 2021

Girls! Aren’t we always running late or spending a considerable amount of time perfecting our makeup and outfits? Well, no bargaining there! I know we all do that and are fairly proud of it. With multiple festivities around the corner, am sure you’d need a quick makeup routine that helps you achieve that flawless look.

Let’s shake hands then. What if I share a quick makeup look that takes less than 5 minutes and makes you look ‘oh-my-god-you-look-stunning’? You’d love me for that… wouldn’t you? Well, anything for your love, my lovelies. So here I am, all set to spill the beans without taking any more seconds.

Smokey Eye

Follow these 5 easy steps to get that perfect smokey eye look in just 5 minutes! Happy, are you already? High-five! Okay now, I need to sit back, calm down and stop using the number 5.

Step 1: Since we are doing an intense smokey eye, I would suggest doing the face makeup (base) after completion of eye makeup. The fall out on the cheeks of dark eye shadows may usually ruin the base, so how about we act smart and do the base last? Well, thank me later! Take a jet black gel liner or creamy kohl for creating the base on the eyelids. Messily create a line close to your upper lash line and remember to keep it thick. Once, you’re done applying the product, then use a smudging brush to smudge the product up to the crease area.

Step 2: Once you’ve smudged the eye liner, choose an eye shadow which is close to your skin tone and in a windshield wiper motion, blend it in your crease, erasing all the harsh lines created by the kohl/ gel liner.

Step 3: Take a dark brown or black eye shadow (depending on the occasion, black is advisable for night time looks whereas brown looks equally stunning in both day and night time), dab it right over the smudged base with a heavy hand without losing the colour payoff. While you’re at it, quickly blend in the lid eye shadow with the crease colour with a swipe of a clean blending brush.

Step 4: Follow your lower lash line using the same dark eye shadow applied on the lid area. Tight line your eyes using a kohl or gel liner and add a few coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Step 5: Use a shimmer highlighter in champagne colour right below your eyebrows and in the tear duct area to complete the smokey eyes.

To complete the look, I suggest keeping the lips nude (matte or glossy) and adding some shine to the highest points of your cheeks with the help of a highlighter. Also, don’t forget to clean up your face with a wet wipe or makeup remover before creating the base to make sure it comes out flawless.

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