5 Must Haves in Your Travel Makeup Bag

5 Must Haves in Your Travel Makeup Bag

Today, I’d be talking about makeup that travels along with you. No, it’s not the one you carry along to your vacations, but a small pouch that everyone must carry in their handbags! I believe, every girl should carry at least five makeup/ skin care items in their handbag. Who knows when the urgency may arise to look all pretty & fresh!

While the list would depend upon your makeup usage, you can always tweak it according to your preferences! Here is a list of what I feel should be a part of every woman’s handbag, when it comes to makeup!

First of all, a good cleanser. It’s very important to carry your favorite cleanser in your bag so as to remove whatever dirt/ oil/ old makeup that may get stuck on your face. Always remember, starting afresh requires a neat and clean canvas! Also, it should be a travel size. In case you’ve already bought a regular sized bottle, you can easily get yourself tiny plastic bottles from a nearby beauty supply store.

What next? A kohl stick. I would suggest a thin pencil one which can be used two ways, a kohl pencil & an eyeliner. We all know that it instantly adds glamor & definition to eyes. Also, it requires very less effort.

A concealer is another must have in your makeup bag! It is again a multi-purpose product. It not only conceals unwanted marks, blemishes, pimples or cuts but also works like a light foundation.

Lipstick/ Lip gloss! I’m both a lipstick & a lip gloss girl so I carry both these products in different shades. You can choose according to your habits. You ask why? Well it adds feminine touch and instantly lifts your face & mood! Trust me when I say this, if you find a right lipstick (that goes well with your skin tone and compliments your face) you can conqueror the world! A lipstick can also be used as a blush.

MASCARA! It’s an absolute must. Why? It opens up your eyes, adds more definition, class and what not. I think this is definitely a necessity.

Do you carry a makeup bag? If yes, share the contents with me.  If not, plan one and let me know!

Lots of love,

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