5 Perfect Hairdos for Summer Season

5 Perfect Hairdos for Summer Season

Oh my, the temperatures are rising and so is my hair… in a frizzy ball, sometimes I even end up looking like a lion. Well, I know I am talking mind of not one, two or three but many women who go through the struggle of managing their hair in the most difficult manner due to high humidity and soaring sun in the Summer that only our country experiences.

Most of us leave it to the sun and our pillow to take up the role of hair stylists during this weather and avoid doing much because I do know sister that the effort goes in vain. A quick remedy to this never ending crisis is, waking up 5 minutes earlier than your usual time and utilizing it to make a quick hairstyle which chic, glamorous and easy to make.

Here are 5 perfect hairstyles for summer season that would want you to style your hair as often as you can!

1. The Messy Pony
2. Dutch Crown Braid
3. Top Knot
4. Braided buns
5. Loose textured bun
Here are 5 perfect hairstyles

The Messy Pony

The hairstyle that our mothers taught us when we were little kids is still the easiest and most loved amongst fashionistas! Some rules have changed though, no plastering your hair with oil instead use a texturizing spray to add volume and body to your hair. Avoid using a comb, instead use fingers to add some volume and pull out hair strands from crown after putting the hair in a high pony.

Dutch Crown Braid

This makes for an interesting hairdo regardless you have short or long hair, adds an interesting of element of fun to your personality and definitely one of the most popular hairstyles in the fashion scene currently. The best part remains that it doesn’t let one strand of hair to touch your neck or any other part of your body… so win win!

Top Knot

Okay, it can’t get more chic than a top knot and guess what, it also keeps the sweat away. You can do a messy top knot or a slick one and trust you’re going to rock it like no one’s business.

Braided buns

To save time, you can braid your hair the night before (multiple or two, choose as per your hair volume and liking) and simply fix it in a bun at the using some bobby and voila, you’d look like someone who has just walked out a greek goddess movie. You can also pull out a few strands of hair in the front, in case you want to come across a little soft and feminine in your appearance.

Loose textured bun

Now this makes for a perfect second day hairstyle! After you’re done rocking a braided bun, open your braids to welcome some beautiful curls and simply use multiple bobby pins to randomly fix chunks of your hair in a loose curly bun which will add the right amount of glamour and gorgeous-ness in your look.

That’s about it, lovelies! Which one are you planning to rock first? Do let me know in the comment section below! Lots of luv,

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