5 Stylish Hairstyles for Monsoon

5 Stylish Hairstyles for Monsoon in 2021

Puddles, I see puddles… and I wish to immerse myself in a fun activity that involves puddles, hopefully jumping in them without taking a breath! I feel nostalgic, how great were monsoons back then when we had no worries of our shoes getting spoilt or hair ending up in a mess because of the rains.

The monsoon has officially commenced across the country and my excitement has far surpassed normalcy. The time of the year has come when my hair and skin get a break from styling and makeup, and I avoid using extra cosmetics to get the desired look. Talking about hair specifically, I believe monsoon gives you a great chance to sit back and keep your hair away from hot tools. Without any of your confessions, I can ascertain that most of us avoid using hot tools during this season and hence save our hair from the torture, don’t we?

Following the same, I went on to search some simple yet stylish hairstyles that we can try this season without putting in much effort. Now these hairstyles easily qualify as your go-to hairstyles because they’ve been handpicked from the streets of the country!

1. Sleek Ponytails
2. French Fishtail
3. Braided Crown Buns
4. Messy Bun
5. Sock Bun

Sleek Ponytails

Okay, so correct me if am wrong there, but one would be foolish to think that this hairstyle is time-consuming. I have been wearing this hairstyle since I was a little baby and it looks super chic if worn with the perfect outfit. I suggest using a hair gel or setting spray if you have noticeable flyaway. If you want to make it a tad bit more glamorous, I suggest invest in a couple of headbands or bejewelled hair bands.

French Fishtail

So we are well-versed with the traditional fishtail. A new twist to it involves adding a front braid first and then loosening up the entire braid for that sultry, messy and sexy look.

Braided Crown Buns

You know what’s cooler than braids? Braided crown buns, oh yeah! One of those feminine, polished and chic hairstyles that I absolutely adore. You may find it difficult first, but once you get a hang of braiding, it’d definitely be your favourite too. The fact that the hair stays off your face, given the humidity, is simply blissful.

Messy Bun

Hands down, one of the easiest and chic-est hairstyles! All you have to do is messily grab your hair and fix it in a bun, either resting on your nape or right at the top, on the crown area.

Sock Bun

I’ve lost the count of how many times this has been recommended by me, like literally. Definitely a hairdo that can be fixed in 5 mins and the end result looks like one has spent more than a decade doing their hair. No kidding there! All you need is hair elastics, bobby pins, U-shaped pins and an old pair of socks. Adding a stylish accessory is also advisable.

Hope y’all enjoy trying these hairstyles, and don’t forget to share photos with me Lots of luv.

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