5 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Needs To Style Correctly!

5 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Needs To Style Correctly!

C’mon admit it, we all commit wardrobe blunders by pairing the wrong shoes with the right outfit! Listen ladies! It doesn’t matter how much time you spend putting together the most desirable outfit with absolutely perfect make-up, if your shoes don’t match, it fails. I mean those crocs look absolutely hideous with a floral tunic. They may both be casual but try to look more put together by instead choosing a pair of neon flip-flops or strappy flats.

Coming to the point, there are 5 types of shoes that every girl must have in her shoe closet and must know how to style them as well. It’s fairly easy if you get some facts right. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started ladies.

1. Basic black pumps 
2. Ballerinas 
3. Thong sandals
4. Platform pumps 
5. Wedges
5 Types Of Shoes

Basic black pumps – This is the most basic pair of shoes that one must have, without fail. Why, you ask. Because it goes with anything and everything, I say. From ethnic to western, it can be worn with any garment and it gives the same amount of oomph! Buy the pair which is most comfortable for you instead buying a pair which is only high on the style meter. Choose the size of the heel that makes you want to dance, walk, run and jump in the pair. You get my point? You can wear black pumps with churidaars, jeans, ankle length pants, formal trousers, skirts, dresses, palazzo pants and what not.

Basic black pumps

Ballerinas – About a few years back this trend re-introduced itself. Yes, I am talking about ballerinas, these comfortable shoes were introduced back in the 16th century and initially were worn by girls practicing the dance form of ‘Ballet’. Later in the 20th century, ballerina shoes became a rage. There were not just new colours but prints, designs, styles, texture and much more available to choose from. It easily qualifies as one of the most comfortable pair of shoes that a woman can own. The fact that it goes with a lot of clothes is also commendable. From jeans to shorts to pants to churidaars to skirts to casual dresses… It covers it all. But, I would suggest not wearing them with loose bottoms like salwar or palazzos.


Thong sandals– Often called the T-strap, these types of shoes go absolutely smooth with jeans, tights, skirts, palazzo pants and ethnic wear as well. It is a great option of shoes which pass off as both casual and dressy if you get the right pair. Bejewelled or blingy ones look stunning with ethnic wear and dresses whereas the muted ones look great with casual denims, shorts and especially ankle length pants and capris.

Thong sandals

Platform pumps – Okay, so you love wearing sky high heels but it’s hard for you to walk in them, here’s your fix. Buy yourself a pair of platform pumps which gives your toes enough support to walk comfortably. Choose a colour like nude or brown which goes with most of your outfits. Buying printed or bright colours means restricting your choices. You will think before pairing them with any outfit because let’s face it, it does narrow down choices. These types of shoes look great with ethnic and western attires. So, feel free to pair them with almost any outfit.

Platform pumps

Wedges – This is clearly the most comfortable pair of heels you can own, without a second thought. They add height, your posture looks perfect and they never eat your feet. No kidding there. Even if you buy a six inches wedge shoe, you won’t go wrong with it. I am not encouraging you to buy 6 inches though. It does depend upon how comfortable you are with heels. I would suggest sticking to western wear only when wearing these.

wedges sandals

Always remember a basic rule of walking in heels — toe first, heels later. Often most of us walk on heels while we are supposed to do the exact opposite. Put all your weight on your toe instead of the heel.

I hope that was helpful for you.

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