Bridal Lehengas: What to Look For?

Bridal Lehengas

Women love shopping, and when it’s about bridal shopping, it is surely the most important one. The fact that a woman wants to look the most beautiful in her bridal attire drives her crazy and pushes her to look for better clothes every time she goes shopping.

The first and foremost D-Day requirement is a gorgeous lehenga. In this post, I want to share what bullet points should be on your tips while buying yours.

Get this straight, trust no one but yourself while shopping for your wedding, because after all it’s you who will end up wearing those ensembles and if you are not confident or do not like them, you would not be able to carry them with the required panache.

Starting off, decide what kind of fabric do you want, a chiffon lehenga may look stunning in Yash Raj movies but it is not going to suit every body type. So, keeping your body type in mind, choose the right fabric type for your lehenga. For example, if you’re slightly on the heavier side, choose a georgette lehenga as it sits beautifully on heavier bodies. Likewise, if you’re skinny and want to look slightly voluptuous, choose tissue, it adds fullness which ends up making your body look fuller.

Once you have decided the fabric, it’s time to decide what kind of embroideries would suit the fabric type and your preferences. Since Indian embroideries are stunningly beautiful and famous across the globe, you would never be short of options. From delicate zardozi to flashy mirror work, we have it all covered. I would suggest choosing something that will not make your lehenga a one-time wear. If not the entire outfit, you can pick the skirt and wear it with one of your blouses which is comparatively lighter in terms of embroidery.

Always make sure that 2 pieces out of three (lehenga, blouse and dupatta) are heavy while the third one is lighter so that you may not end up looking over the top.

Design? Well, in my honest opinion, you must never choose the oh-so-trendy and fashionable type and instead go for an elegant, timeless lehenga! It will be as good to wear even 10 years after your wedding.

How many ‘kalis‘? Often, brides-to-be do not stress much on the number of kalis in a lehenga. Call it sheer excitement or lack of knowledge, it does affect the look of your lehenga in a massive way. Also, shopkeepers keep you in dark claiming 14-18 kali lehengas to be full 24 kali lehengas. Count the kalis on your own and choose a full 24 kali lehenga which will make you look gorgeous with its full gher.

Colours, well there are plenty in the market. Try different colours rather than the regular scarlet reds and burgundies. There are unique colours available in the market. The latest colour in the lehenga market is salmon pink. Even though it has been an on and off choice for many, this beautiful colour has never got its due credit. It looks beautiful on almost every skin type. Colours like emerald green, fuchsia pink, burnt orange, and coral are making their way into the bridal lehenga league and I must mention how pretty they look.

So that was a little something I had wanted to share with all of you, I hope the ones soon-to-be married will benefit from this blog.

Do let me know if you’d like me to do a jewellery specific blog as well.

Lots of luv,

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