Choose a haircut that suits your face type!

Choose a haircut that suits your face type!

She was the most beautiful creature on Earth – her hair said so in that language only hair can speak.

Cutting your hair the right way is important, why? Because hair affects your personality immensely! We all of have suffered from bad haircuts in our life and some of them were horrid mistakes. I bet you all would agree. I was always keen on experimenting with haircuts, but I never found my ‘Mr. Perfect Hairdresser’ for the longest time until I consulted a hair dresser who turned out to be my ultimate saviour.

Today, I’d like to share the tips that were shared with me quite a while back and worked for me perfectly. First off, it’s essential for one to identify their face shape. As you read further about different face shapes, you will be able to recognise yours.

Let’s start!

Round Face

People with round face types must opt for medium to long hair and avoid haircuts that are above their chins. For instance, a shorter bob would never work; poker straight hair with chemical treatment will make the face look more round, short bangs in the front will make the face look bigger. These are some sins that you can’t possibly, for heaven’s sake, do.

On a brighter note, cut your hair in layers, keep flowing side swept bangs, embrace waves, bouncy curls, a good blow dry, lots of volume on the crown area and your face would appear longer.

Oval Face

There, you lucky people. Go out, experiment like crazy with your hair. Try anything and everything and it shall work in your favour. Choose a pixie, a Victoria Beckham bob or even long tresses, you can rock it as you like.

Square Face

Since the jaw line is the widest part of the face, special measures need to be taken while going for a haircut. A length that ends above the chin is a big no-no, but a length that sets right on the chin is something that will do wonders. You can also choose a bob where a few layers in the front sit on the chin and is shorter at the back. Also it is a low maintenance cut. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy short hair, the good news is, the longer the hair the better your face will look. To make the face look less wider, anything long, flowing, with some bangs that sit right on your eyebrows will be great.

Heart Face

his type of face is wide at the top and narrow at the chin area. Anything flowing around the face till your chin will complement your face type. The best suited is a bob!

So ladies, I hope that was useful for you. Let me know if you adopt any of these suggestions!

Lots of luv,

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