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Five DIY Hairstyles!

Your outfit is ready but you’re confused about the hairstyle to compliment it? Don’t worry, I have tried many hairstyles and would love to share five hassle free, quick and stunning hair styling ideas with you.

Sometimes, we visualize ourselves in a particular hairstyle which might not go well with the occasion or suit our face type. So, always choose wisely. For instance, if you have a round face, you must not try poker straight hair because it makes the face look even rounder.

Now, getting back to the point, here are the five DIY hairstyles:

My favourite one is the ‘messy curls’ look as it can be easily pulled off by any one. All you have to do is curl up your hair with an inch wide curling rod and after you’re done with all your hair, take a teasing comb, pick up random sections from your hair and tease the curls a little and viola, you are ready to steal the show!

The next one on the list is the ‘big, bouncy natural looking curls’ look. You would require at least a two inch wide curling barrel. Randomly select hair strands, curl away from your face and hold the barrel for 10 seconds and after you are done, spray on some hold spray and you are good to go!

This one has been doing the rounds on the ramp and is called the top knot. It’s the best thing for a bad hair day as you simply have to pick sections of your hair and back comb them to create volume and just make a bun with lot of bobby pins. The trick is to add interesting hair accessories and I am sure you’ll be able to make some heads turn!

The next look is a sleek ponytail with a bouffant for that edgy look! It’s the best way to look neat and elegant with minimum effort. You can start by making a tiny pouf in the front and gently applying hair paste on the entire hairline to keep the baby hair in place and tie a ponytail. Consider straightening your hair before doing this hairstyle for getting that perfect look!

Celebs love this look and believe me or not, a ‘messy fishtail’ is the hottest hairstyle of the season. It oozes oomph and style! Simply make a fishtail braid, gently pull out some hair from the braid and finish with a swanky accessory!

So girls, which of these DIY hairstyles are you going to don at the next party?

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