Hair Care Tips for Winters

Hair Care Tips for Winters in 2021

Hair care in winters seems like a problem, doesn’t it? Believe me, it’s not! Many a times, women ask me the secret to luscious healthy hair during the winter season and are worried about it almost all the time. I look at them with a lot of surprise, winter is no different than summer, it is a season too!

You know, there are the easiest of ways that one can follow to make sure their hair remain healthy during winters. It’s just the approach and time you spend on your hair that matters the most.

Starting off, the technique most of us use for shampooing and conditioning is not correct. The right way to shampoo and condition as mentioned by a number of hair experts is, diluting your shampoo and massaging it on your hair. Once you are done with rinsing off the hair, take some conditioner onto your palm and massage it on your hair leaving your roots. Remember to never apply conditioner on your roots or scalp if you use a heavy conditioner because if you leave your conditioner on the scalp it may cause irritation.

The case is different if you use organic shampoos. When using these, you may skip diluting or not applying conditioner on the roots. The next step which is a crucial after every conditioning routine is combing through the entire hair while the conditioner sits on your hair. Follow this routine for good two weeks and witness a noticeable change in your hair quality and texture.

That’s about the routine washing and conditioning. Here are five points to follow this winter to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Use a hair dryer- Do not, in any circumstances, go out with wet hair. You have no idea how damaging it is since it takes an entire bunch of hours for your hair to dry up completely and in the end it gets more dry. If you don’t want to use heat on the hair, keep your dryer on the cool air setting or simply take a dry towel, use it for drying your hair.

Oil it up- Don’t forget to oil your hair every week at least twice to keep it healthy. You can use heated almond and olive oil for best results.

Wash your hair often- It is essential to wash your hair every alternate day to keep it hydrated and prone to breaking and split ends.

Styling Cream- Use a styling cream, preferably organic that keeps the moisture intact.

Follow a regime- No matter how brilliant your hair is, you must always have your own secret hair pack which can be easily made at home and used every 3rd day! Here are mine: Take an egg white, mix it with lukewarm olive oil and bam, leave it on your entire head for good 15 mins and do not immediately shampoo after this. Second one is mashing a banana and applying a thick layer of it all over the head.

These are my favourite and most trustworthy mantras which keep my hair healthy the entire winter season. I hope they would work great for you too.


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