Hairstyle Trends 20211

Hairstyle Trends 2021

Hi girls,

Here are some of the trendiest hairstyles you can go for this year –

  • Slick hair pony tail and loose strands is a personal favorite when onewants to look effortless chic, team it up with a black graphic eyeliner. A clean ponytail looks best with most edgy looks.
  • The big hair look: Whether it be big messy curls or braids , Volume is in this season! Clip those hair extensions to add the glamour. These hairstyles look good on almost every face shape. Team it up with either very clean look with bright lips or extremely sultry smudged smokey eyes to go all out.
  • Half bun with cute, easy to do. Goes well with almost anything you wear on casual front. Team it up with Fresh skin & bright lips. Minimal hair and clean skin but bright lips instantly brighten your face.
  • Soft bohemian hairstyle experiments with multiple braids, twisties, buns, updos . Have fun as this is the most feminine it gets! Team it up with absolutely clean makeup or channel your feminine side and play with pop of colors on eyes with colored eyeliners / eye shadows.

Here are some photos for your reference –

Hairstyle 2021



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