Hot Nail Colours This Season

Hot Nail Colors This Season

Do you like to beautify your nails? Well, high five… So do I. And so I have collected various shades of nail paints over the years. Call it whatever, but I still feel I am missing out on a lot of colours. The seasons change and so do the trends and colours that are considered fashionable. But since, fashion keeps repeating itself, you never have to throw away any of these products!

While I was going through the latest Oriflame catalogue, I noticed I have missed out on a lot of fresh colours that look great and make a statement of their own.

So, today I am sharing some of the hottest and the most fashionable nail colours that are making heads turn this summer!

Minty fresh Hot Colors

Now, Mint is possibly everywhere and still no one seems to have gotten bored of it and it really is a beautiful and subtle colour. I would suggest you to wear it when going for subtly sophisticated yet fun look.

Hot Red Hot Nail Colors

Now, this is one colour that has been in vogue for the longest time and still seems to be everyone’s favourite. From streets to runways, it is worn and adored by everyone.

Bright Orange

Not your normal orange, but the bright flaming orange is what is ruling the fashion scene! If you’re a college or school student, this is one of the best choices that you have. Don’t worry about pairing it with limited outfits, go bold and wear it with any make-up or outfit.

Sunshine Yellow

Nothing defines your bright mood as this colour does. It’s fun, flirty, bright and absolutely chic. If these traits define your personality, this colour is definitely for you. Just like Orange, it doesn’t have to be outfit coordinated!

Turquoise Blue

This colour reminds me of the beautiful and effervescent water on the beaches of Malaysia. Super summery and sexy! If your personality is happy-go-lucky, bubbly and feminine, this colour is definitely for you.

These are some of my favourites and the hottest trends this summer!

Which one tops your list?

Share with me in the comment section below.

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