How to: Protect your skin & hair this ‘Holi’

How to Protect your skin & hair this ‘Holi’ in 2021

Considering my love for colours, Holi can easily be termed as my ultimate favourite Indian festival. And, most of us just love it… don’t we? But as we all know, Holi comes with its own set of pros and cons. The chemical based colours ruin the skin and damage the hair for days. Then start the endless visits to the salon for nourishment.

To save your money, and gradually blow it on more make-up products, let me quickly jot down a few pointers that will help you keep your skin and hair away from damage this Holi.

First and foremost, avoid harsh colours. The harmful toxins can really damage your skin and hair hence resulting in long term problems. Try to use organic colours and water this Holi.

Secondly, prior to stepping out of your home, drown yourself in layers of petroleum jelly, coconut oil or a heavy moisturiser. This will prevent the colours from coming into direct contact with your skin and also help you take them off much easily. Once you are done playing, quickly take a light scrubber and wash off all the dirt.

Thirdly, use castor, olive or coconut oil on your hair and don’t forget adding a few drops of lemon in it to keep dandruff off that might attack due to presence of chemicals in the colours.

Fourthly, wear the right clothes. Do not, at any cost, expose a lot of skin. Why? One, because the sun will be shining through and it may cause an unwanted tan. Two, who wants a splash of purple, blues, pinks and red on their bodies!

Lastly, wear headgear. Choose a nice bandana to cover your hair from getting damaged.

I hope all of you enjoy the festival thoroughly 🙂

Lots of Luv,

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