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How To Put An Outfit Together?

Often cruising through magazines do you wonder how do celebrities manage to look effortlessly stylish all the time, with their outfits, hair, and accessories set in perfect synchronisation. It’s not just about being stylish or flashing the most expensive brands. It’s just about putting an outfit together, just the right way.

Here are a few very easy to follow tips that could help you dress up impeccably every day:

Always play around with one piece, meaning- choose a shirt/top or pants/skirt or shoes and build your entire outfit around it.

Play with colors, its harmless! I understand the safety with monochromatic shades but it’s time to experiment with colors. If you’re planning on wearing black jeans or black skirt, make sure to add a pop of color with your top or accessories!

pnk blazer

Accessories play an essential role while putting an outfit together and they are not just limited to jewelry. A lot of us often think accessories are all about jewellery, which is absolutely wrong. Your shoes, watches, belts, bags scarves and much more are part of accessories. They complete an outfit, unless you’re going for an absolute no accessory look.’.

Shoes Bags Scarf

While shopping in the mall or the street, always pick stuff that will go with multiple other clothing pieces. For example, a basic LBD can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Consider your each clothing piece as LBD and quickly think of at least 3 things that will go with the new buy.

Peplum Dress

Makeup plays a key role in completing an outfit. Trust me when I say this. If you’re wearing an absolutely head-turner outfit & you do not have any makeup, you might look half as stunning as you could look with makeup on. You do not have to drag out each makeup item you own and put it on your face. Rather, play smart and match your eyeliner or lipstick with your accessories. No, that doesn’t mean you should pull off orange eyeliner but you could clearly get away with a neon orange lipstick (which is very trendy by the way).

Orange Lips

A very important accessory that we often forget is, CONFIDENCE! Nothing beats a smile that says ‘I know I look great’!

Always remember you don’t have to always buy expensive clothes to look great. Instead, buy interesting pieces from different places and play with your wardrobe. Fashion is all about having fun with your looks!

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