Karva Chauth Comes Knocking…

Karva Chauth Comes Knocking…

Karva Chauth is just around the corner, ladies, and am sure you must have already begun your preparations. After all, it’s one such day when you love to fast with all the flamboyance in the world…eeps! Pardon me there, but it just happens that way…and do we mind? Never!

No matter who a woman is… a highly ambitious career woman who handles business all day, or a homemaker who reserves all her time tending to family and kids, Karva Chauth just casts the same magic on them all. Most of us have grown up listening to the Vrat Katha with our mothers on each Karva Chauth. Years and times have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the craze women welcome this day with.

Donning a ‘Karva Chauth Look’ doesn’t really demand any special tips since you do it with all your heart, and understand what your husbands like the best. Still, here, I would walk you through the latest fads in preparations, attire, and makeup. Now that you are out to impress your man, why not stun him too! *wink*

Start taking extra care of yourself at least 10 days in advance. Any kind of wrong diet, stressful lifestyle, sleeplessness will eventually show up loud and clear on the day. So pamper yourself, sleep in time, eat healthy, stay happy and feel positive. Your natural glow would be so evident, you’d hardly need any cosmetics.

Save your manicure, pedicure, facial massages and alike pamper-sessions for 4-5 days before Karva Chauth. But schedule your salon sessions today itself, before all the time-slots are booked away.


As the most loved traditional wear of India, sarees are the undebatable first-choice of all women. But if you’re a new bride and this is going to be your very first Karva Chauth, you may very well don your wedding lehenga. For a more comfortable attire that you can carry all day without much hassle, an Anarkali or a typical Patiala suit is another great pick.


Karva Chauth falls at that time of the year when winters have just begun showing up. It’s not chilly outside, and a very pleasant cool can be felt. This is a great season to carry makeup, since it doesn’t run down.

Going by the trends, we’d suggest some glittery eye makeup. Use an eye shadow, dabbing a single shade is quite fit for the occasion, you don’t need to go too technical with three fancy shades. Use an eyeliner on the upper lash-line, and simple black kajal on the lower one. In the end, wind up with some long-lash mascara.

Many women are conscious about the shape of their nose. In that case, keep a bold shade for your lips too, in a colour that gels with your attire. This trick will accentuate your eyes and lips, and take attention off your nose.

But if you have a beautiful nose and wish to highlight it, it’s important that you go easy with the lips. Opt for nude lip colour, or a similar shade, and wear a little nose-ring instead. This will make your nose the next boldest thing after your eyes.

I hope you liked the tips I have shelled out. But once again, these are just for a little help. The prime thing being that you should feel pretty from the inside and make the most of this day. After all, half the look is ready when you are truly happy, aye?

So ladies, prep up for the occasion, and when it’s The Day, your Mister will go swooning!
Have any other tips or feedback? Do share in the comments below.

Lots of Luv,

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