Makeup Ideas for Newly Weds!

Makeup Ideas for Newly Weeds!

In a country like ours, where weddings mean grand celebrations, it is hard to be prepared for everything that comes your way. Especially the after wedding events where the groom and bride (read the entire family as well) are expected to look their best at least post 6 months of their wedding. Since the family is invited to multiple dinners, anticipated to organize another line of events after the wedding and the never ending meet-ups with the family and friends, it does become extremely crucial to be dressed to the nines.

Following the same, I notice the new brides are hardly well-versed with the kind of clothes and makeup they wear. The makeup is too loud or too subtle, the balance never sets right between the attire & makeup and this often leads to unwelcoming comments. So, I thought of sharing a quick guide to how a newlywed can get ready for the line of events and not disappoint their audiences. I had earlier shared a quick list to what a bride-to-be needs in her vanity and today I am gonna share how to do your makeup right!

First off, always choose products that you’ve tested on your skin in the recent months. There’s a massive difference in liking a particular product and your skin & complexion liking a product. So, whatever you choose can’t be perfect for your skin tone & type. Keeping same in the mind, buy products that you would imagine yourself wearing for the next 6 months at least.


I don’t understand why but right when a woman gets married, she fancies wearing foundation every day. Why is it so hard to acknowledge that lesser the foundation, the better. 5 pumps of foundation wouldn’t make you look great but one light layer of foundation will. Simply match your foundation to your skin tone, don’t go lighter than your actual skin tone. If you’re still unsure then go ahead and use a BB cream instead which is a much lighter product.


Probably the only item that quickly helps you look like a married woman. But do you ever think of choosing the right shade of lipstick according to your skin tone? I am sure the answer would be no. I get it that you may fancy yourself an orange lipstick but choose a shade of orange that blends well with your skin tone. E.g. – If you’re a dusky beauty, go for deeper shades of orange and if you have a milky white complexion you can go for a blue based orange, without a doubt.

Eye Shadow

If you haven’t worn an eye shadow on your own before then it would be better if you try it a couple of times at home before going out wearing it in public. Also, prefer basic colours like gold, champagne, baby pink or brown.


 In my personal opinion, it would be okay if you skip but not okay if you wear excess product. Use a light hand and apply very little product at least two fingers away from your nose.

That’s my little something for y’all. Let me know how you liked this post and what would you like to see next?

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