New Year Make-up Ideas !!

New Year Make-up Ideas 2021

Hi girls,

You must be excited with New Year’s Eve around the corner. I have created two looks

you can easily create, this year. Read all about it below.

Look 1: Minimal & Classy

  • Moisturize your skin well and let it absorb for few minutes before starting your base. Meanwhile, start with your eye makeup to save time.
  • Use a luminous liquid foundation for medium coverage for smooth, even-toned skin. Add light colour concealer on your under eyes , bridge of the nose and high point of your cheek bones for highlighting. Note : do not use a lighter tone of concealer/ foundation on entire face. Using on specific areas mentioned above is important as these are highlight areas of your face and these radiate well when light falls on your face. To settle, use very little powder all over your face and neck. On the under eyes, powder well to avoid creasing. Use soft bronzer on your cheeks and chin to add color to your face after foundation
  • Eyes: Use a very thin layer on concealer on the eye-lid before starting eye makeup & dust very little powder. Highlight the arch of your eye-brows with a light shimmer in white/ off white and a neutral brown eye-shadow on the eye lid. Use a gel eye-liner with a thin brush to outline your eyes and flick in slightly on the outside to lift the eyes. Curl your lashes and add lots Mascara to create volume & curl. Use dark brown eye shadow on an angular brush to fill in and define your eye-brows.
  • Outline your lips using a  dark rich red lip color and fill in with a tad bit lighter red. This creates definition and pout.
  • Hairstyle: Tie your hair neatly with a centre parting into a classic knot bun or a classy neat ponytail with this look.

Look 2: All Out and Glam

  • Base: Same as above. Followed by – add definition to your face with a matte brown blush/bronzer by softly contouring your cheeks , jawline and nose. Add soft peach blush to the apple of your cheeks for a healthy glow. To further accentuate your features, add powder highlight on top of your highlights (light concealer, foundation used while doing the base) i.e high point of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, forehead and chin.
  • If you love makeup and love to make heads turn, go all glam with your eye makeup. Smoke it up and add shimmery eye shadow to the centre of your eye lid. Rose gold shimmer and black shimmer being the most favorite for winter evenings. Use false eye lashes to create the drama to these shimmery eyes and mascara them well. Never forget to fill in your brows , its only half complete with them !
  • Use a nude/ pale pink lip color but on well defined outlined lips. Keep it matte, let your eyes do all the talking here!
  • Hairstyle: Curl your hair and gently open them with your fingers for softer, wavey look. Backcomb the crown to create some volume and keep it in tact, use a light hair spray to finish the hairstyle and tuck a small bobby pin with the side part on one side.

Have a great time guys!



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