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How To: Makeup for Girls Who Wear Glasses

You know what happens when you publicise a job like mine? People are after your life to get personal advice and sometimes, it gets beyond my patience. Just kidding, I love fixing problems of each and every person who comes my way seeking some solution. Well, that’s how I am!

Due to stressful work hours, working on computers and Smartphone addiction, I have noticed how most people my age (and younger too) are relying on glasses to see clearly. A considerable number of people are switching to spectacles to save their vision before it gets impaired.

Taking that in notice, I see women not wearing makeup, thinking makeup and spectacles don’t gel well together but THAT is so untrue! And I am here to break this myth and help you focus on other features of your face without any specs-induced consciousness.

How To: Makeup for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Here’s how you can wear makeup and spectacles together:

Bright lipstick will help you immensely. It will withdraw attention from your spectacles and bring focus to your lips, hence balancing the entire face beautifully.

Lots of mascara means a great way to balance your spectacles with the face. Similarly, adding an eyeliner or kohl helps too.

Compliment your spectacles to your lipstick! How? If you’re wearing a bright lipstick, then go for neutral frames and when wearing bright frames, go for neutral lipsticks. The entire point of playing around with colours is to make you look stylish with specs on!

Concealer is your buddy forever! No kidding there. Concealer helps hide unwanted marks, scars, dark spots and eye bags, and lifts your look amazingly.

Woman, you gotta Highlight your under eye area to brighten up your eyes!

Eye BROWS! Pull up your socks and turn your BROW game on with the help of little eye shadow. Pick an eye shadow that matches your hair colour.

Flush those cheeks! Blush is one of those makeup products that one should wear with and without glasses. Without fail, always!

Make your eyes stand out by wearing cat eyeliner!

Your complexion must stand out! And here’s how you can achieve a flawless base makeup.

Those were my 2 cents for y’all.

Lots of luv,

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