Quick Make-up for Festive Season

Quick Make-up for Festive Season

With all the chaos & festivities, it becomes slightly hard to get your makeup right on a festival. The best way to deal with the craziness would be to stick to simple yet attractive looks that can make you rock the entire festive season. In our country, some colours are synonymous to the festivals and the activities we take part in. For example, a red, green, gold or pink outfit can never go wrong on Diwali. So, with Diwali less than 3 days away, here are some quick make-up tricks!

Combo 1: Green & gold

This combination goes pretty well with both green & gold outfit and even reds. Start with priming your eye lids with an eye primer. Take a flat shader brush and dust some emerald green on your entire lid followed by a soft brown in the crease area and preferably shimmery champagne colour as a brow highlight.

You can either complete the look with gold shimmery eyeliner or stick to the basic black one. Add oodles of mascara, pink blush onto the apple of your cheeks, highlight your cheek bones with the same champagne colour used as a brow highlight and a pink lipstick. It looks traditional and stunning. This combo is not limited to just greens and reds, you could even try it with a blue or orange outfit.

Green & gold

Combo 2: Gold & Black

Following the same technique as mentioned above, you can switch the colors to gold and black, a very stunning combination that works with almost anything and everything. And, since its Diwali, it adds the right amount of bling. After priming your eye, add a gold eye shadow on your entire lid and smoke it up with some black eye shadow in the crease. To add a little twist to this look, take the same gold eye shadow and line your lower lash line. I’d suggest a strong bronzer and a nude lipstick to complete this look.

Combo 2: Gold & Black

Combo 3: Go Pink

Pink never goes off style. We all know our feminine side will never allow us to forget pink on any occasion. So following the tradition, dig onto some hot pink eye shadow and put it only on 3/4th of your lid. For the remaining 1/4th part, use chocolate brown and put some soft brown in the crease. Tightline with black kohl and skip the eye liner. Since it’s the festive season, you can use a fuchsia pink lipstick or if you want to keep it subtle, trust a soft pink lipstick/gloss.

The basic rule that really helps is, always use a blending brush and make sure to blend one color into another seamlessly. It comes with practice so don’t expect to create magic the very first time.

Hope you look radiant and gorgeous this Diwali.

Lots of luv

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