Red Lipstick #Selfie!

Red Lipstick #Selfie!

Iam sure everyone is aware of the ‘Word of the Year’ – Selfie!

Ever since it made to the news, people have been going crazy and posting five times the amount of pictures that were already there on social media platforms. And, who’s complaining? Not me for sure!

Considering the same, I thought why not talk about it on Instagram and in fact host a contest around it. And that’s when the idea of ‘Red Lipstick #Selfie’ struck me! With my team, I decided we must conduct a contest where girls get to share their red lipstick selfies with me .

Why red lipstick, you ask? I say nothing is more challenging and sexier than red lipstick. I understand how girls find it extremely difficult to sport red lips, like it’s just any other colour and keeping the same in mind, I had earlier shared a blog post about ‘How to wear a Red Lipstick’ the perfect way.

So, if you’re still not sure about how to sport the perfect red pout, visit the blog post and flaunt your selfies.

Remember to stock up on your selfies and be ready to create a buzz on Twitter!

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