Shorts: How to choose the perfect ones?

Shorts: How to choose the perfect ones?

The summers have arrived in full swing. The gorgeous sun is shining on us and so is the big question, “What to wear?” Ok, think of it – bright sun, T-shirt, bright orange lipstick, lots of sunscreen and SHORTS! Did I just describe a perfect summer afternoon look? Well, yes!

This summer, I am picking up as many pair of shorts as I can. There’s so much to explore and buy this season! With new trends being introduced, there are different types of shorts available in the market. Ombre, floral, spikes detailing, ultra short, hot pants, distressed, aztec print, leopard print and what not… Lord! I think we are all going to a burn a big hole in our pockets!

But amidst these myriad options, what’s more important is to buy the right pair of shorts for your body type!

Let me sum up the basic body types and the style of shorts that suit them perfectly!

Full thighs

If you’ve got full thighs and you shy away from sporting shorts thinking it will only make you look fat, you’re wrong. Just buy a pair of hot pants, meaning, the ones that come till your knees.

Avoid a stretch fabric and low rise. Go for a broad waist band in denims (the one with less lycra), cotton, linens etc. Play with colours, avoid big prints instead choose tiny floral or vertical stripes; it will make you look taller.


If you’re petite, you have a lot to choose from. Buy ultra short shorts, hot pants, leather shorts, mid length shorts, basically all types except A line shorts. Choose from different prints and pair them with crop tops, sheer shirts, or slouchy t-shirts. Choose as you like!

Wide Hips: Buy mid length shorts, straight cut or an A-line cut. Buy solid colours. Avoid something with pockets which meet the side seams or pops open, it makes your hips look wider.

Hourglass: Buy skorts (skirts+shorts), which are basically, loose shorts. You can choose the length as you like though. Solid colours, prints, stripes, faded, distressed. You have a lot of choices.

That’s all for now, do let me know how did you like this post and would you like me to talk about other summer trends and how to sport them!

Lots of Luv!

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