Choose Clothes That Suit Your Body Type!

Choose Clothes That Suit Your Body Type!

This blog isn’t one of those blogs where I shower y’all with my gyaan but when I genuinely want to have a word. It concerns me heavily as to why a large ratio of women in India only dress up for the sake of it… actually I take my words back; they don’t dress up but buy clothes for the sake of it. I genuinely don’t feel that wearing stylish or nice clothes comes at a price in fact a lot of us can afford inexpensive clothes that have as much panache as the designer or even labels. Please note, the motive behind this blog isn’t to pull anyone down but a gentle reminder for hiding those beautiful faces and bodies behind bad looking clothes.

When I was a teenager, I could not afford a jeans who’s value was more than a mere grand but that never stopped me from buying stunning clothes and standing out in a group despite the price was much lesser than what my friends were spending on their wardrobes.

Let me share a quick story with you to communicate what I am talking about. This morning while I was walking to work, I noticed this gorgeous looking girl and then noticed the oxblood sack-like top she was wearing and all I could think of was – What a waste of a gorgeous face like hers. This doesn’t imply she needs to run to the nearest mall and get herself a stylish outfit which speaks volume about how great of a stylist she is. The point is basic clothing pieces can make you look great and its time we realize that. Also, the fact that it’s absolutely effortless to do that!


You know, a basic crisp white shirt and blue denims makes any girl look like a million bucks. If you’re not into western clothing and like to wear more of ethnic clothes then pick a solid coloured kurta and wear it with a contrasting colour’s churidaar and add a nice pair of silver earrings and voila, you’re done.

Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you are aware of your body type and the kind of clothing that compliments it. Following the cue, I am going to list out a few types of common body types and share what kind of clothing will suit them. It’s going to help you in a major way provided you follow it religiously.

The Circle Shape – If you tend to gain weight only around your stomach or if its post pregnancy woes, worry not, there are simple ways to hide the fat in the most effective way. All you have to do is, wear clothes that draw attention away from your belly. For example, for a fact balloon tops may not be a great investment just as waist clinching top, high-rise pants, and belts worn around the midsection wouldn’t be. So give them a miss, instead stock up on mid-rise skinny pants & jeans, churidaar and straight kurtas that go about two inches down your knees, flowing skirts, A-line tops, drawstring blouses that clinch right below the chest area. Wear a bright lipstick, a nice hairdo or even some killer shoes and nobody will care what lies on the stomach.

The Triangle Shape – Just as the shape of this mathematical image, our body is formed in a way where the shoulders and torso are narrower than the hips. For this body the problem area is obviously hips which bulge out in a disproportionate form and thus gains all the attention. First things first, skinny jeans can hardly be your friends. Form-fitted dresses or skirts, curve-hugging fabric such as silk and shapeless tops/ sweaters are all the things that you must maintain a distance from. But that doesn’t imply that its hard for you dress impressively. Wide legged straight pants & jeans would work wonders for your problem area as they will slenderize the thighs hence giving an appearance of tall and slimmer legs. A structured jacket will give you the right proportions on the upper half of your body, boat neck tops will be a great way to flaunt your flattering shoulders and of course A-line skirts (long, short, medium length… whatever floats your boat) should be the items that your wardrobe should be overflowing with.

The Hourglass Shape – Right amount of flesh on the hips (NOT BIG, but ample) and a full chest and a comparatively smaller waist, you get an hourglass figure. Clothing items to avoid are those oversized sweats or tops, baby-doll dresses or any shapeless styles. It is one of my favourite body types, I personally feel its very figure flattering and quite attractive as well. I wish I had an hourglass figure but as they say, you don’t get everything. So what can you possibly wear? Well, high-waisted fitted skirts, jeans and pants were only invented for you, ladies! They give an illusion of slimmer yet curvaceous body which is exactly what every woman wants. Wrap dresses and drawstring dresses that clinch at the waist will work like a charm for you. Open necks are like a cakewalk, wear V necks, wide round necks and even the deepest neckline that a very few women can carry off, also pencil skirt will be your best friend no matter what. Embrace your curves!

The Rectangle Shape – Often marked as boyish figure, this figure type has equal proportions from head to toe and rarely has any curves. For this body type, one needs to create an illusion of flaunting some curves. What should you not wear? Dresses that are tight from top to bottom, anything too flowy or has no structure at the waist. What is your thing then? Boot cut pants, fitted jackets, feminine tops and Flared skirts. Remember, its not a disgrace or difficulty to buy clothes for this body type instead you have wider options.

I hope this blog helps all of you in some way… don’t forget to write back to me with your feedback.

Lots of luv,

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