perfect red pout

Wear The Perfect Red Pout!

RED LIPS… Well, I fall short of words when describing how stunning they look. I am a huge fan of the classic matte red lips. It is very difficult for me to convey the kind of love I have for red lips.

I have been sporting red lips to parties, meetings, luncheons with my girlies and where not. I think it was really essential for me to share a quick tutorial of it with you all.

Here are things you’d need:


How to create the perfect pout?

  .Lip balm
• Red lip liner (the one that matches the shade of your red lipstick)
• Perfect shade of red lipstick
• Lip brush
• Concealer
• Tissue paper
• Clear gloss (optional)

Well, it might seem simple, but it actually involves quite a few steps. Let’s start off with moisturising the lips; for that you need a lip balm. Take a little bit of it on your finger tip and rub across both, upper and lower lip for 25 seconds. Once you feel a smooth texture, take a clean tissue paper and pat dry your lips. Once, you feel the texture is smooth, start off with the lip liner. Draw the natural shape of your lips; remember not to go overboard with the shape. Keep it natural to make it look even better.

Once the shape is drawn, fill the lips with the same lip liner. Lip liner is basically used to keep the lipstick in place for a longer period of time and it also helps the lipstick to not bleed. Make sure you cover the corners nicely. Now take the lip brush and dab some lipstick on it, pat the same onto the lips carefully. Once done, take a concealer and use it around the lip area to make sure there is no bleeding of colour. If you like glossy lips, go ahead and swipe one coat of clear gloss for that extra shine.

There you go.

It may seem a lot of steps are involved at first but once you get a hang of it, it becomes a cakewalk.
I hope you found this helpful.
Lots of luv,

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