How To Dress Up for Your Best Friend’s Wedding!

How To Dress Up for Your Best Friend’s Wedding!

Dressing up for weddings is no less than a havoc, and when it is your best friend’s wedding… helloooo, you need to up your game by at least 500% because everyone eyes the second best stunner at the wedding (first being the bride herself, you see, I’m not ignoring her!). But sometimes, because of poor preparation, hasty planning or lack of ideas, we all do fall flat, and don’t match our own expectations… don’t we? Well, worry not! After attending a zillion weddings and being a keen observer at these fancy-chirpy-functions, I have found 4 most-perfect-outfits you can wear on your best friend’s wedding without looking over or under whelming!

First things first, clear your mind up and don’t stick to what you’ve been doing all this while. Prepare a list of events lined up and corresponding outfits you’d like to wear, take screenshots of a particular design and ask your designer/tailor to customise it for you. Yes, buying readymade outfits is cool too, but it’s necessary to add an element or two that define your personality broadly.

Now I am going to share few outfit ideas which are stylish, edgy and exude natural gorgeousness that can raise eyebrows and break necks at your bestie’s wedding! Without fail. Trust me. Always remember, you’re the maid of honour (obviously) and you can’t let your bestie down. *wink*

Lehenga Lady: Honestly, an Indian wedding is incomplete without the stunning lehengas that are available in the market. And there’s no way in the world that I’d take that privilege away. But I’d suggest staying away from darker hues as you don’t want to draw away attention from the bride and yet stand out in your own unique way.

Lehenga Lady

Stylish Saree: The saree has been styled in so many different ways, yet, most of us prefer to go with the original draping and styling. Nothing wrong there, it has its own timeless grace. Yet I feel some edge wouldn’t kill anyone! Stick to the same drape but ditch the usual saree, opt for a bold print and a stylish look.

Stylish Saree

Slit Kurtas: Now this one trend is really soaring high! I am a fan of this style as it flatters all body types, no matter if you’re petite, voluptuous or an hourglass, this style suits everyone. You can choose to wear the kurta either with a rich-ethnic-skirt or fitted-cigarette-pants.

Slit Kurtas:

Anarkali, the new way: Anarkali… Overdone? Maybe! But… that doesn’t take away the glory of this picturesque outfit! Add some zing by including a belt around your waist and give it an absolutely new look

Anarkali, the new way

That was that!

I hope you were able to draw some ideas and inspiration here. Don’t exhaust yourself in preparing for the occasion. Plan in advance, pick rare stuff, sleep well and gloss it up fine on the final day!

Lots of luv,

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